Aligning your licensing expenditure to your business requirements through Software Optimisation

Under the guidance of our License Consulting Service you are able to focus on buying the right licences, at the right time, for the right price. The LCS role is to provide your senior executives with a specialised, objective, vendor independent and confidential service. Our processes allow your IT, Finance and Procurement Teams to build solid and cost effect license strategies which are aligned to your business needs.

Why do companies focus on Software Optimisation?

  • They have had previous audit experience(s) with vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM or SAP which have resulted in unbudgeted expenditure.
  • To develop the optimal licensing model for their IT environment taking into account complex licensing scenarios such as virtualisation, datacentre licencing and cloud services
  • Desire to align software contracts and investment with strategic company objectives (e.g. flexibility and risk avoidance).

What is happening in the market?

  • Companies have a 68% chance of being audited by at least one software vendor this year, up from 54% five years ago (Source: Gartner).
  • Software License Optimisation and Entitlement (SLOE) has become part of many organisations’ strategic thinking.
  • Specialised Consultancies are increasingly being engaged to assist companies who are experiencing challenges around datacentre licensing as a result of new licensing metrics and new technical solutions (e.g. shared environments).

How can the Insight License Consulting Service assist?

  • We act as your Trusted Adviser when it comes to understanding licence metrics, sales tactics and negotiation strategies.
  • Access to specialist consultants who have been delivering best of breed optimisation services since 2008.
  • Employ a proven and robust methodology which focuses on reducing contract renewal or audit related costs and reducing your risk around license compliance.
  • Utilising our unique database of global contracts and vendor concessions, we provide you with powerful intelligence on commercial and contractual terms.

¿Está seguro de lo que su negocio necesita?

Cada negocio tiene una visión del futuro. Pero si su infraestructura de TI y no refleja esa visión, ¿a dónde pretende llegar? La planificación y la estrategia son esenciales en este momento. Identifican su fortaleza y sus posibles debilidades y permiten a su empresa una mayor flexibilidad en el futuro.

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